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Tributes & Thank You's

The following notes were copied from cards and letters received from our beloved clients over the years. Everyone of these patients is special to our team and hearing feedback from our clients really makes our day!


Ella and CindyThank you from the bottom of  my heart for taking such good care of Ella.  She had a good long run, and you helped keep her happy and healthy for all of her twenty-three years. The value of finding a good vet and clinic can not be overstated and I have always been grateful to have found you.  Dr. Middleton and Dr. Metcalf, I'd like to thank both of you for your thorough and knowledgeable attention.  You each have a wonderful manner with both your patients and their owners.  I also appreciate the efforts and attitudes of everyone in the office.  I can't imagine a more capable, caring, and supportive team.  The last time Ella came in I think everyone working found a way to come into the exam room to say hi one of their oldest (and surely sweetest) patients.  I was touched by that. 


Betty and ElsieAll our Friends at Cheshire,

I thought you'd want to know that Saturday we buried Betty's ELSIE.  This girl found us, a rainy midnight on our doorstep in 1995 and is a 16 year old now ....she has left us with Kidney disease you've helped us treat. Elsie has been Betty's inseparable love...  for so long... sleeping on Betty   [I didn't say near}   I mean sleeping ''on''' Betty for so long... just like Velcro ....whenever Betty moved, ELSIE was there to leap in her lap at any new location.... RV, Boat, on the couch, on the toilet... quite an incredible love affair. Betty is devastated.  ELSIE was a special grand old cat? we've appreciated your care of her. 



 Laura and kittyDr. Ann and Staff,

Thank you for taking some extra time to answer the questions I had about Kitty & if I did the best thing for her - regarding any pain or suffering she endured. It was really hard watching her be put to sleep so suddenly, but I am glad I was there by her side. Also thank you all for your compassion. And I really appreciate the contribution you all made to Morris Animal Foundation in Kitty's name.

With gratitude for all you've done,

Laura C.


Rocky CollageRocky the cat died peacefully just before 1:00 this morning, May 12, with Leslie and me in attendance.   We believe he was probably 14 years old.  He had been suffering serious problems with his digestive tract for several months, and was rapidly losing weight.  There was no clear diagnosis, though an extensive array of daily medications seemed to result in some improvement.  But his appetite continued to diminish and he stopped eating altogether last Saturday.  A reading by a psychic who specializes in animal communication indicated that it would be best if we discontinued his assortment of medications and just let him go.


Leslie rescued Rocky when she found him in a weakened state on the street in October 2008.  Our veterinarian determined that he had a thyroid condition, and we had to administer medication daily during the time he was with us.  At first, though he could be quite affectionate, he would scream and attack if we touched him the wrong way, and despite weighing only 6 pounds, he fiercely kept our other cats at a distance.  But after major dental work last August, his disposition changed markedly and he became quite gentle and affectionate.  While he had rarely ventured into the bedroom before, he started spending every night with us a few months ago.  We deeply miss his sweet and loving companionship.


Rocky taught us many things, both in life and in death.  Experiencing his demise together has deepened Leslie's and my emotional relationship and given us a greater appreciation of the preciousness of life and the finality and inevitability of death.


David and Leslie


Dr. Ann, 

We are very happy to be celebrating Smokey's 19th birthday today!!  (2/15/2008) Tonight, the 3 of us will feast on Boston Market chicken (his favorite).  :) 

I want to thank you for everything you have done over all of these years for Smokey. If you had not been so persistent and found his cancer so early, he would not be here with us today. We are so thankful for all the special care you have given him and continue to give him. On March 8th it will have been 2 years since he had his spleen removed. They told us we'd have 1 year with him if we had the surgery, and now it's already been 2 years. He continues to surprise us everyday. We believe he will kicking around with us for the next few years.

Thanks again!

Heather and Jeff (and Smokey)

NapoleanDear Cheshire,

I'm writing to thank you for helping Les and me take such good care of Napoleon. He's old and he knows it, but he's feeling pretty good these days, thanks to your kind attention to him. Please accept this token of our esteem and appreciation.


Les n' Ron

SophiaTo Everyone at Cheshire Cat,

Thank you for taking such good care of Sophia while she boarded at your clinic. We were happy to see that she was very content and happy when we picked her up ~ she was obviously well-loved and cared for (she told us so, too!) We really appreciate your taking such good care of her.

Thank you, Marty & Cathy & Sophia (pawprint)

Pacific Beach ( San Diego)

PatmosDr. Middleton, Dr. Brinton, Jill and Staff:

Words cannot express our gratitude for everything you did over the years for our kitty, Patmos. Patmos is gone now and we will be grieving for a long time, but know he would not have made it this far and this long without all of your care and compassion.

Patmos was a very special kitty and he will never be forgotten. Thank you for all of your support.

Joanie and Alan

CallieDear Dr. Ann & Cheshire Cat Clinic~

Thank you so much for everything you did for Cali.  I really appreciate the fact you never gave up on her.  In the end - she and I were together for nearly 19 1/2 years! She went peacefully, of her own accord, laying in her favorite spot in the sun - for that I am grateful. Thank you so much for guiding us through our final years together with such great care and compassion.



PumpkinDr. Middleton & Cheshire Family-

 Thank you for all your special care of Pumpkin. We are so grateful to have had so many wonderful years with him.

Best Regards,

 Kim & Amy 

BayleeDear Dr. Ann and the staff at Cheshire Cat Clinic,

 I want to thank you for all the care and compassion you have given to my little friend, Baylee and myself, earlier last week. IT was a very difficult decision to put her to sleep ~ it was the best thing for her. I miss her! 


All our love

Thank you for taking some extra time to answer the questions I had about Kitty & if I did the best thing for her - regarding any pain or suffering she endured. It was really hard watching her be put to sleep so suddenly, but I am glad I was there by her side. Also thank you all for your compassion. And I really appreciate the contribution you all made to Morris Animal Foundation in Kitty's name.


DorthyTo all at Cheshire Cat,

We would like to thank everyone for being understanding and helping us with our loss. After having the joy of Dorothy in our lives for 18 1/2 years, we lost her on September 20th. Everyone there was understanding and sympathetic. We both have never had to go through this before. Having those last moments to hold her is a memory we shall cherish forever. Thank you for the card as well.


You gave us at least another year and a half with Hobie we wouldn't have had without your care & compassion. He played and talked (and talked!) until the last few days. It has been extremely quiet this past week and as much as we miss him he had 17 good years of being a great companion. Thanks to you he also had the best care possible - you're the best! He never was a "lap cat" except for Bob's first week of chemo and Hobie's last week. But always snuggled beside Bob in his chair. Enclosed is a copy of our favorite picture showing how he enjoyed being pampered.

Your care and patience are greatly appreciated,

Elaine and Bob

Miss ClemDr. Ann and everyone at Cheshire -

Thank you all for the good care you gave Miss Clementine and Buddy over the past 3 years. We appreciate your thoughtfulness and generosity of the donation and the lovely flowers you gave in their memory.

While your frequent encounters with Miss Clementine were not pleasant, we wish you had known her in her youth. She was so beautifully dresses in a fur coat with extra long fluffy fur on each side that framed her when she sat upright, long tufts of hair behind her ears, and a gorgeous fluffy tail. She loved being admired. Her specialty, when chasing anything on a string, was to put her head down and do a forward somersault, for a split second looking like a spinning cinnamon roll, then coming out of it on all four feet.

We will miss them both and can hardly believe they are gone. We appreciate the extra years of Miss Clementine's company made possible by your good care of her.

Many thanks!


Hal and June