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Dr. Ashley Young

Dr. Ashley Young

Dr. Ashley Young decided to become a veterinarian because she wanted to make a positive impact in the lives of both people and animals. At an early age, she developed an admiration for cats as her family cared for a local feral cat colony and fostered many litters of abandoned kittens. 

Dr. Young is a San Diego native and earned her undergraduate degree from the University of California , San Diego where she studied biology and psychology. She then obtained her Doctor of Veterinary Medicine degree from the University of California , Davis. As a student, she was president of the Feline Medicine Club and worked to arrange many educational opportunities for student members.

Dr. Young has fostered many litters of orphaned neonatal kittens, and has worked with several feral trap-neuter/spay-release programs. She utilizes gentle handling techniques to make veterinary visits less stressful for fearful feline patients. Dr. Young values both the physical and mental well-being of her feine patients and has special interests in the areas of behavior and dentistry.

Dr. Young lives in San Diego with an unspecified number of cats and her husband. Her husband is also an avid feline enthusiast, and is the proud recipient of the "Crazy Cat Person" award at his place of employment. In her spare time, Dr. Young likes to take advantage of the good weather and go kayaking and hiking. She also enjoys taking her cat "Pearl" on leashed walks and hikes.