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Cheshire Cat Feline Health Center

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Hi, My name is Indy, I am a 1 year old neutered male with a happy and loving personality. I love to play, sit in your lap, purr and give you lots of affection. I get along with other cats and I love humans. People compliment my beautiful coloring and soft, short haired coat. I am already microchipped. Please contact us at 858-483-1573 if interested. 

Hello, My name is Reagan, I am a 3 year old neutered male. I am microchipped and have a sweet relaxed loving personality. My long haired beautiful soft coat tells me I may have a little "Maine Coon" in my feline family history. I love humans because I like to rub on their legs, sit on their lap and purr. I also love my cheeks being rubbed. I get along with other cats. Please contact us if interested at 858-483-1573.