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September, 2011

Celebrate Senior Healthy Cat Month!

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 In Memory of Fugazi Silver
9/1/90 - 8/31/11 (nearly 21 years young!)
September is Senior Healthy Pet Month and Cheshire Cat Feline Health Center is celebrating!  Aging is a natural and inevitable process of life. Being prepared for this stage in your cat's life can be valuable to both you and your cat. It is true that "an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure." Read more about how you can help your senior cats ease into aging and maintain a quality life.

Cats age much faster than humans. This means that medical changes can occur suddenly and without any advanced warnings.  Owners are often surprised and wish they had been prepared or able to prevent some of the conditions normally associated with pet aging.
How old is your cat compared to human years? Click here to see.

You can maximize your aging cat's quality of life and early detection of disease is key. Several things can help identify these changes. The first step is a comprehensive physical examination performed by the veterinarian. It is recommended to bring your older feline for wellness exams every 6 months, again due to the rapid aging process. The veterinarian will take a medical history, listen to the heart and lungs, check the eyes, ears, teeth and hair coat. The veterinarian will also palpate (or feel) the abdomen and assess the size and shape of the kidneys, liver, intestines and bladder. An x-ray or ultrasound image is most useful for visualizing these organs but palpation is a good first step. Based on these exam findings, the veterinarian may recommend additional diagnostics to evaluate your cat. This may include lab work, x-rays, an ultrasound study, and blood pressure measurement. Blood and urine tests also can help detect changes early, before disease progresses. 

We at Cheshire Cat Feline Health Center know how important your cat's health is to you. To help celebrate September Senior Healthy Cat Month, our clinic is offering a reduced fee of our General Health Profile (blood and urine screening.) 
Discounted fee = $125     (regularly fee $179.38)
                                  *All cats qualify for reduced fee regardless of age!
  In addition to this discounted General Health Profile, we are offering discounted packages that include the General Health Profile, whole-body radiographs and/or blood pressure measurement. You can save 10-20% off of these additional services if performed at the same time as the General Health Profile. Ask us for details!

Even healthy, active seniors can benefit from preventative care. Cats may appear well despite underlying disease and be compensating until they can no longer do so then are brought in acutely (and sometimes severely) ill. Early detection of disease often results in easier disease management and better quality of life; it is less costly and more successful than crisis management. Some of the common diseases of senior cats include kidney disease, diabetes, hyperthyroidism, inflammatory bowel disease, dental disease, arthritis, obesity, heart disease, liver disease, high blood pressure, and cancer.

The following are some changes that should be noted and brought to your veterinarian's attention:

Changes in usual behaviors and routines
Changes in interactions with humans and other pets
Grooming changes
Activity changes such as sleeping patterns, jumping, wandering, reacting to being handled, and ability to navigate to preferred places
Vocalization (especially yowling at night
Changes in litter box habits
Eating and drinking (amount and behavior); vomiting or signs of nausea
Stool quality (number, volume, consistency, odor, color)
Urine quality and/or quantity (volume, frequency, color, odor)
Hearing or vision loss (decreased responsiveness, increased vocalization).
Weight loss or gain
Difficulty walking, stiffness, unwillingness to go upstairs or jump
Difficulty breathing, coughing, sneezing
Lumps or bumps on skin

Health care needs change as we age. The same is true for cats. By working with Cheshire Cat Feline Health Center and devising a health plan we can ensure your pet a happy long life.

Thank you to everyone who has been so generous and donated to help needy cats! We had one client make us a wonderful batch of homemade soap that we "sold" to raise funds. Boy, did it go fast! Every penny goes to care for cats in our clinic such as Babies, Simba, Keebler and so many others.

Can you provide a home to a deserving cat?? We have two boys looking for a forever family!

Cheshire Cat Clinic, the premier provider of feline-exclusive veterinary care in San Diego, California"Keebler" is a 15 year old, orange male tabby. You'll see him snoozing in one of our boarding condos in the reception area. He is a laid-back boy but takes a little time to warm up. In June, Keebler had a full blood panel and dental work so he is in good health. He does have hyperthyroid issues and requires a pill twice each day but he happily accepts his pill wrapped in a treat! Could you give this senior a comfortable place to live out his golden years? 
Cheshire Cat Clinic, the premier provider of feline-exclusive veterinary care in San Diego, California"Simba" is a very affectionate 7 year old, orange male tabby. He's handsome as can be! He loves head and belly rubs and being lavished with attention. The team just love him but Simba can play stressed around other cats and loud noises so it's hard living in the cat clinic. He just wants to be the center of someone's world. He is diabetic and therefore requires twice daily insulin as well as monitoring of blood levels but he is perfect for his shots and ear prick, sits very still and is very patient. Sweet Simba would be a wonderful companion to anyone willing to love this special needs boy!
Please ask our team about these great cats! They need and deserve good homes.

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