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June, 2011 

Welcome to the June edition of the Cheshire Cat Feline Health Center newsletter. These gorgeous pre-summer days always bring smiles to our faces as we watch "Babies" the Persian cat resident at the clinic. He loves to bask in the sunshine that comes through our front windows. Many of you know that he suffered from severe liver disease and nasal cavity infections just a few years back. Seeing him happy and in good health acutely reminds the staff here how fortunate we are to have him. It is because of the kindness of others such as clients, our staff and other veterinary professionals who donated their time, medications, services and funds, that he was able to make such an amazing recovery. 

Especially during rough economic times, clients are faced with difficult decisions regarding the care of their pets. Often, financial limitations play a major part in the choices that are made. It is during these times that we see the most need but also the most generosity of others! We are continually amazed by the kindness of our wonderful clients who donate to help those in need and anonymously step forward to offer aid in special circumstances. We feel lucky to be part of the exchange these heart-felt gifts! Cheshire Cat Clinic would like to share some of these stories with you this month. 

X Ray Cheshire Cat Clinic, the premier provider of feline-exclusive veterinary care in San Diego, California"Puma", a once feral female cat, was found by a former technician. "Puma" had a severely dislocated front paw and needed an orthopedic surgery called arthrodesis, which would fuse the carpal joint together. This type of surgery required an orthopedic specialist to perform the procedure.  Hoping to raise the money, the staff held a bake sale and placed a canister for donations on the front desk. Through the generosity of our clients and funds from Dr. Middleton, "Puma" had the surgery she needed. She was later adoptedX Rays Cheshire Cat Clinic, the premier provider of feline-exclusive veterinary care in San Diego, California by a very good client of ours and we see her regularly for her check ups! Her adopted mom also gives back by donating funds for the care of other needy cats. 

"Cosmo", a 15 year old cat, is a long-term patient of ours. When he was attacked Skull X Ray Cheshire Cat Clinic, the premier provider of feline-exclusive veterinary care in San Diego, Californiaby a dog, he was taken to a local ER for stabilization then was brought to Cheshire Cat Clinic. He had a broken jaw that required the services of an orthopedic surgeon but the owner could not afford the surgery after the expense of visiting the local ER. Dr. Middleton investigated other methods of repair and through donated supplies from a local humanCheshire Cat Clinic, the premier provider of feline-exclusive veterinary care in San Diego, California dentist and on advice of both a veterinary surgeon and veterinary dentist; she was able to make an acrylic splint.  Though not the preferred method of repair in this case, the splint did the job and nearly two years later, "Cosmo" is still doing well! 

"Simba", a 6 year old cat, developed diabetic ketoacidosis while his owner was deployed in the Middle East. Pet sitters were giving him food and insulin twice a day but he wasn't well regulated and he needed to be hospitalized and closely monitored. His owner feared that he would have to euthanize "Simba" because he was not able to oversee his homecare once he was regulated. Hearing the soldier's story, several of our generous clients have made donations so that "Simba" could stay in our clinic for several weeks, receive his daily insulin and have his blood glucose monitored until his owner returns from deployment. 

"Coco", was a long-time patient of ours with hyperthyroidism and gastrointestinal lymphoma. When her owner passed away unexpectedly, our staff knew she would not be an adoption candidate with all her health issues. "Coco" was so spunky, she wasn't ready to leave this world. The clinic took her in since we had recently lost our "Hatchi". She lived several months with us until her cancer recurred and she started to fail. Donations kept her comfortable and cared for until she was ready to pass on.

It is through the kind donations of our clients, staff and colleagues that we are able to help in these cases. Of course, we wish that we had the ability to provide monetarily with every needy cat but that is not always the case. Here are some other ways that we try to give to those in need. 

Cheshire Cat accepts donations of unexpired medications and unopened fluid bags for future cases in which the client may not be able to afford treatment. If donated medications are available that can be used, we will offer to give the items to the needy pet, fully explaining where they came from to the owner. The donated medications are never reshelved or sold.

Cheshire Cat donates older equipment and medical supplies to the Baja Animal Sanctuary. BAS, the only no-kill shelter in northern Mexico, provides a safe haven for dogs, cats, and presently, one beautiful horse. Rescued from the streets of Mexico, they now receive food, medical care, and love for the rest of their lives. Once the puppies are old enough, or the sick ones are well enough they are spayed/neutered. The shelter's ultimate goal is to find each and every one of them a forever home. When this can't be accomplished, the animals that are "un-adoptable" will make BAS their permanent home. In some extreme cases, untreatable dogs and cats are euthanized to put an end to their pain and/or suffering.

Kitten Cheshire Cat Clinic, the premier provider of feline-exclusive veterinary care in San Diego, CaliforniaOur clinic fosters litters of kittens from the local Humane Society or Animal Control when they are over-populated. Our dedicated staff feed and care for these kittens, leukemia/FIV test, deworm, vaccinate and our veterinarians spay/neuter them before finding suitable homes for each one. Kittens are hard workKittens Cheshire Cat Clinic, the premier provider of feline-exclusive veterinary care in San Diego, California and take a lot of time and money to prepare for adoption. Presently we have four male kittens that will be ready for homes very soon! We are taking adoption applications now!

These are just a few examples of ways Cheshire Cat Feline Health Center has been able to help our clients continue to care for their pets through difficult times. With so many owners feeling the financial strain, help is always in demand. If you would like to help, please contact the Hospital Manger, Chris, by phone or email her direct at cheshirecatclinic.com  

Any contribution is appreciated and no donation is too small or insignificant! 

Thank you to everyone who has graciously extended a helping hand to others in need! 

Dr. Ann. D. Middleton

And the entire team at 

Cheshire Cat Feline Health Center

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