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!! Dental Special Month !!

February is Dental Special Month

At Cheshire Cat Feline Health Center

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Dental hygiene in cats is very important. Periodontal disease is very common in most felines. Periodontal disease is a progressive and irreversible loss of the support structures surrounding the teeth, it is the most common cause of inflammation in cats mouths and affects at least 75% of pets over the age of 2 yrs.


Early treatment is the best way to prevent…

  • Tooth Resorption (decay of the tooth below the gum line)
  • Stomatitis ( inflammation of the tissues of the oral cavity)
  • Tooth Loss
  • Bacterial Infections of internal organs (caused by infected gums and teeth where bacteria is released into the bloodstream)
  • Pain associated with these problems


Proper dental hygiene and care promotes healthy, happy cats!!



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At Cheshire Cat Feline Health Center, our focus is on felines only. We feel that, by catering to cats, we are able to offer our clients and their feline companions the best veterinary care possible. We advocate LOW STRESS VET VISITS!  

Cats are unique animals and they require specialized techniques, handling, and equipment.  At Cheshire Cat Feline Health Center we are able to provide all of these and by maintaining a cat-only facility, lower your cat's stress level and increase comfort.

There have been some great advances in veterinary knowledge about cats in recent years and, by concentrating only on cats, our hospital is able to keep up with this explosion of knowledge and to offer your cat the most up-to-date care possible. 

We look forward to meeting you and your feline family soon!